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Sarcoidosis Notes

last updated: May 12, 2016

  • Mycobacterial fungal must always be considered

  • chronic beryillium 

    • used in making golf clubs

    • usually has isolated pulmonary disease

  • becareful if only one organ involved

  • usually affects upper 2/3 of the lung (any portion can be affected)

  • mediastinal LN

  • CT: shows micronodules coalescing around the airway

  • right paratrachial node (palm broker sign)

  • stage 4: aspergilloma occurs in devitalized lung

  • steroids improve s/sx but not affect long-term

  • granuloma is there to clear the antigen which is a good thing unless they go craze

  • Tx should not be based on ACE levels or other granulomatous markers, rather tx is based on s/sx

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