Right Heart Failure

last updated: December 1, 2016

Orlando Debesa

Right Ventricular Anatomy

Right Heart Failure - S/Sx

Right Heart Failure - ECHO

Medical and Surgical treatment of Acute Right Ventricular Failure


  • RVF after LVAD = poor prognosis

Determinants of Right Ventricular Function:

  • RV contractility

    • anatomy​

    • systolic interaction

    • RV function of lateral wall

  • RV afterload

    • compliance​

    • wave reflections

    • inertia of blood during ejection

  • RV function

    • RV functional area change​

    • RV ejection fraction (MRI)

... but I would more especially commend the clinician who, in acute diseases, by which the bulk of mankind are cutoff, conducts the treatment better than others.
Hippocrates, 400 BC