Esophagus / Esophageal Disorders / Procedures

last updated: August 14, 2016

Orlando Debesa

Epiphrenic Diverticulum

  • distal lateral esophageal wall

  • right > left

  • often associated with hiatal hernia

  • pulsion diverticulum (caused by abnormal forces applied to a portion of the esophagus wallresulting in outpouching of mucosa through the muscular layer


Heller Myotomy

  • release of the outer layers of muscle and allows patient to swallow without emesis

  • used to treat achalasia 

  • average life of 10 years

... but I would more especially commend the clinician who, in acute diseases, by which the bulk of mankind are cutoff, conducts the treatment better than others.
Hippocrates, 400 BC